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The Russian Open Games will run from 26 February-2 March 2014, with the goal of promoting healthy lifestyles, physical activity and sports among the LGBT community and its supporters. The Games will also, it is hoped, bring together clubs and groups developing different kinds of sports among LGBT people.

The Games will feature 8 competitions, in badminton, basketball, futsal, skiing, swimming, table tennis, tennis and volleyball. There will also be demonstrations of sports that are not included in the competitions (martial arts, arm wrestling, different styles of dance, figure skating, and others), an exchange of experiences of organizing sporting events in different regions of Russia, and discussions and round tables about the development of sports within the LGBT community.

Additionally, an interesting cultural programme awaits Games participants – film screenings, psychology study groups, photo exhibitions, parties, entertainment programmes and more! Foreign amateur athletes are invited to the Games, as well as world-famous sports personalities, who could support the development of sports in the Russian LGBT community.


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Organizers of Russian Open Games