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Dear participants,


The organizing committee considers security during the Games to be of the utmost importance.

A whole series of measures will be undertaken to help you feel secure and comfortable during the Games in Moscow:

1. The only people who will be admitted to Games events are those who have registered (completed the application and paid registration fees).

2. Information about the venue for each event will be sent only to registered participants.

3. A specially trained security service will control access to each event.

4. Information about each event will be sent to the police to guarantee order. The director of the security service will coordinate relations between the organizing committee and the police.

5. The organizing committee will provide qualified legal assistance to participants in the event of any problems.

6. For foreign nationals, special consular support will be arranged in the event of possible problems.

7. Representatives of embassies of countries being represented at the Games will be invited to.

However, if you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact us.