Russian Open Games Are Open!

Today the Russian Open Games I were open!

Yes, there were problems. It was easy to predict many of them and – what’s for to keep silence? – it wasn’t easy to get over them. Nevertheless, with all our solidarity, devotion to our common goal and friendship we faced the challenges and successfully left all the difficulties behind us opening the first Russian Open LGBT-Games!

Now we enriched our experience and got even more friends! It was so amazing to see happy faces at the opening ceremony and at the registration table! We thank so much everyone who were with us today and who will come at the sports venues tomorrow, on Friday, on Saturday and on Sunday! There were so many athletes from many countries of the world and many regions of Russia there. The welcoming speech was said by Konstantin Yablotsky, the President of the Russian LGBT-Sport Federation, by Elvina Yuvokaeva, the President of the Organizing Committee of the ROG, by a great Olympic athlete Greg Louganis, whom we love and appreciate so much for his visit and support, and – that was a real surprise which deeply touched our hearts! –  there also was a video-message from Julianne Moore, which she made specially for the Russian Open Games! Her words encouraged us to go ahead and win!

We thank all the participants and guests of the Opening Ceremony who was strong and brave enough to stay with us and who didn’t give up. You were here. You saw everything with your own eyes. So let the world know the truth how it was to open the First Russian Open Games on February, 26th! Please, leave the comment below this news describing what you saw, what you felt, what you experienced and how LOVE and FRIENDSHIP WINS! Write the truth and unmask the falsehood!

We love you!