Payment of fees

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Terms and deadlines for payment of registration fees


The basic registration fee is 20 euros.

The basic registration fee includes free entry to all Games events, including all sporting competitions to watch and support the athletes, except for the tours and cultural events noted in the Games’ programme by *. The basic registration fee does not include participation in the Games’ competitions. 

The competition fee for each sport is 32 euros.

The competition fee includes participation in those sports that each registrant indicated in the application. The fee is listed for each sport (see above or point 3.3 in the Games’ conditions). In the event that an athlete is participating in several competitions (tournaments), he is required to pay the fee for each individual sport.

Attendance by spectators and fans is possible during the competition programme of the Games. Fans are considered participants in the Games and are required to complete a registration form. The registration fee for a fan or spectator is 5 euros, and does not change according to the date. Participation in the Games as a fan includes free attendance only at the competitions.

How to pay

For the foreign guests and participants, the most convenient way of payment may be
 PayPal system:

Providing your amount, you have to fill in the following e-mail address as the recipient of your transaction:



Please, pay attention!

As soon as you have provided your payment, make sure you have a record of it. Please email the copy to: This will confirm your payment with us, and will fully register you for the Games. 

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