Next Step is Registration for the Individual Sports

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Dear friends,

184865928We are happy to see all the participants who have already signed up, as well as the ones still registering!

We need to remind you, as the Opening Ceremony is coming up fast, that the next step for all registered athletes is registration for the individual sports, where you need to give us specific information.

This will allow the coordinators of the competitions to split you up more effectively by categories, classes and degree of participation.

128892145For your convenience, we have uploaded the registration forms for the individual sports on the ‘Competitions’ page.

And for the most active athletes, we remind you that you may participate in several different sports announced for the first Russian Open Games, naturally so long as they don’t clash in the schedule.

You can learn about the full programme for the individual sports, and the dates and times of the competitions, here.

We await your victories!