Registration is open

Dear friends,

The moment has now come when we are ready to announce the start of registration for the first-ever Russian Open Games!

So far, we have formed an organizing committee, set aside dates for the Games and worked out the programme, launched the web site, and, of course, many volunteers have come out to do all they can in their spare time to make sure that the Games go on.

A lot of work lies ahead, but today we are happy to announce the start of registration!

This means that you can now fill out the registration form, tell us what specific events you want to participate in, and pick the sports that interest you.

The sooner you register and pay the registration fee, the less it will cost!

If you are interested in helping people from other Russian or CIS cities to come to Moscow to take part in our competitions – or in helping the Games at all, even if you can’t participate – please consider making a donation! We will be very grateful!

The organizing committee hopes that we will have an unforgettable event of sports, openness, mutual understanding and friendship in Moscow!