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Russian Open Games needs your help!

Despite receiving very generous support for our human rights and outreach programmes, OPEN GAMES still needs the help of individuals for our sports programme. The reluctance of government sports facilities to host an LGBT event such as our means that we have had to resort to hiring private facilities in Moscow at significant expensive. It is the reason we are calling for your help! 

If you LOVE SPORT the way we do and believe in everyone’s right to take part in sport free from discrimination and harassment,
If you can’t come to the OPEN GAMES but want to show SUPPORT and SOLIDARITY with the LGBT sports community in Russia,
YOU can make a REAL DIFFERENCE through an individual donation via Paypal. Here are some examples of how we can use your donations:
  • Every €20 will help us to buy a set of shuttles for our badminton tournament
  • Every €30 will help us to buy a medals set (gold+silver+bronze)
  • Every €60 will help us to book a football pitch for one hour
  • Every €100 will help us to book the sports hall for our volleyball tournament for one hour
  • Every €150 will help us to book the pool for one hour and, thus, to hold our swimming tournament
  • Every €200 will be paid for fees for officials
  • Every €300 will help us to provide airfare for a participant from Siberia or other ‘out-of-the-away place’ to do sport  with other LGBT athletes for the first time.

How to donate

For donations from abroad, the most convenient way may be PayPal:

When making your donation, please be sure to enter the following e-mail address as the recipient: